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Privian gives you only organic and most relevant results.

Heart 100% organic results
Incognito Anonymous searches
Cookie-less Without cookies and profiling
Integrations Custom data sources
Multi-lingual Multi-lingual

Familiar design

Minimal design focusing on the content. Without distractions.


Quick answers

Your coding searches answered with examples.

Search engine with superpowers

Personalized search with custom data sources.

JSON datasets

Add external JSON datasets and make them instantly searchable.

Browser history and bookmarks

Connect your browser and quickly search your bookmarks and web pages you've visited. All privately in your browser.

Custom APIs

Securely connect your APIs and databases.

Coming soon

Created for us and people alike

Organic and most relevant results
We show only the best and most relevant results no matter what you're searching for. Our business interests don't affect the search results.
Quick answers
Often searching for programming answers on StackOverflow? Privian instantly shows the best answer with full code examples.
Without cookies and profiling
All your searches are 100% anonymous. We don't use privacy-invasive technologies and we don't log or analyze your search history.
Fully customizable !bangs allowing you to quickly redirect searches to you favorite sites or event custom (and private) applications.
Multi-linguage and traveller-friendly
Privian is multi-lingual and it lets you choose what language or country to search, no matter what your IP's location is.
Standing on the shoulders of giants
Instead of building our own search engine, we chose to use Microsoft Bing search engine to deliver the best results.


Built with awesome MathJS library, our MathPad supports computations and unit conversions with a large set of built-in functions.


Instantly get answers for your programming searches with code examples from StackOverflow and others.

Currencies & crypto

Easy-to-use currency conversion tool with the latest exchange rates.
Now with support for crypto-currencies.

Weather forecast

Simple and clean weather forecast for any location. Supports multiple data sources including AccuWeather and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Privian is currently in beta and it means that things might now always 100% work, but we're confident that the software is stable enough for daily use.
We protect your privacy by providing you with modern, ethical solutions that don't track you. We don't use privacy-invasive technologies such as cookies or fingerprinting, we don't collect unnecessary personal information and we don't analyze your data for marketing purposes. Read more about us on the About us page.
No, we don't share data with anyone. When you search for something, your query is anonymized before we send it to Microsoft. Microsoft never receives your IP address or any other user identifier. And we don't log your search history. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
When you sign up, we require your email address. We don't collect any other personal information about you. Your searches are anonymous, we don't log them and we don't analyze them. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
Yes, in some aspects. We offer web search, cookie-less web analytics, disposable email inbox and bookmarks. These products are supposed to serve as privacy-friendly alternatives to popular services offered by big tech companies.
Yes, you can! The easiest way is to install our browser extension, which automatically configures everything. Otherwise, follow our documentation.