Membership plans

Free for Beta users
Limited offer for beta users

Show your support and get everything from Personal for only €8.31 / month.

More websites and more pageviews for web analytics
Upgrade any time within the four years to Team and get the first six months free
30-day money-back guarantee
Early bird
Limited offer for beta users
One-time purchase
€399 / 4 years
Premium ad-free search
Disposable email incl. forwarding
Analytics up to 2M pageviews / website / mo
6 websites (domains)
Protecting privacy-aware individuals
Free 30-day trial
€24 / month
Premium ad-free search
Disposable email incl. forwarding
Analytics up to 1M pageviews / website / mo
3 websites (domains)
Protecting teams and small businesses
Minimum 5 users
€19 / user / month
All features from Personal
Analytics up to 2M pageviews / website / mo
10 websites (domains)
Up to 30 users
Custom-tailored plan for companies
Minimum 20 users
€49 / user / month
Tailored to your needs
Custom branding
Priority support
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT (sales tax).

Start with a free 30-day trial, upgrade later. Cancel any time online, without reason.

We use Paddle for payments and invoicing.

Comparison and limits

Personal Team Company
Users 1 5 - 30 Min. 20
Ad-free search
Disposable email
3 inboxes 10 inboxes / user Unlimited
Web analytics
1M pageviews / website / mo 2M pageviews / website / mo 30M pageviews / website / mo
Websites (domains) max. 3 websites incl. 10 websites
+ €19/mo extra website
incl. 10 websites
+ €49/mo extra website
Payment types Online
(VAT invoice available)
(VAT invoice available)
Online, bank transfer
(VAT invoice available)

Other limits:

  • Analytics: data retention is 10 years for all plans.
  • Disposable email: data retention for virtual inbox is 7 days. Daily limit for forwarding and webhook emails is 2,000 emails per inbox per day for all plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Privian is currently in beta and it means that things might now always 100% work, but we're confident that the software is stable enough for daily use.
We protect your privacy by providing you with modern, ethical solutions that don't track you. We don't use privacy-invasive technologies such as cookies or fingerprinting, we don't collect unnecessary personal information and we don't analyze your data for marketing purposes. Read more about us on the About us page.
No, we don't share data with anyone. When you search for something, your query is anonymized before we send it to Microsoft. Microsoft never receives your IP address or any other user identifier. And we don't log your search history. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
When you sign up, we require your email address. We don't collect any other personal information about you. Your searches are anonymous, we don't log them and we don't analyze them. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
Yes, in some aspects. We offer web search, cookie-less web analytics, disposable email inbox and bookmarks. These products are supposed to serve as privacy-friendly alternatives to popular services offered by big tech companies.
Yes, you can! The easiest way is to install our browser extension, which automatically configures everything. Otherwise, follow our documentation.