Disposable email

Protect your privacy without clogging your real email.

Flame Temporary email address
Shield Remove tracking pixels
Email forward Email forwarding
Integrations Webhooks
Globe Custom domains
Temporary email address
Easily create a new randomly generated email address and use it when you don't want to give away your real email. The temporary email address is yours to use until you delete it.
Block tracking pixels
Privian automatically removes known tracking pixels from all received emails to protect your privacy (does not apply for email forwarding and webhooks).
Receive newsletters (and other random mail) to a temporary inbox and read them in our app without exposing your real identity.
Email forwarding
Our email forwarding service lets you securely forward incoming messages to your real email without exposing it. You can also add your custom domain name and create multiple aliases.
Custom domains
You can also configure your own domain name and use it for all email features.
Use our webhook service to programmatically process incoming messages on your server.

Securely forward email to your real email without exposing it.


Webhooks for programmatic processing are also supported.

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