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To use web analytics or custom domains with the disposable email, you’ll need to add and verify your domain name. This can be done in the Control Panel.

Add your domain name

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel - Domains and click the ”+ Domain” button.

Add domain

  1. Enter your domain name (e.g. and select the type of verification. Before you click “Save”, make sure you have successfully configured the DNS records or added the verification HTML tag.

Add domain


We currently support two types of verification - DNS and HTML tag. DNS verification is recommended but requires access to the DNS configuration of the domain. If you don’t have access to DNS, use the HTML tag instead.

Note: The verification code is unique for your account and stays the same for all your domain names.

DNS verification

  1. Add a new TXT record for a subdomain _privian-verification (i.e.
  2. Configure the value of the TXT record to the unique code displayed in the form (from our example above, that would be 9d1f38e0e3e3b5bec0e4280f68dde503c1dbf971).
  3. Save the DNS settings and wait until the changes propagate. This might take a while depending on your DNS provider.
  4. Please note, that we verify the domain before adding it to our system. The DNS must be propagated to save the new domain name.

HTML tag verification

  1. If you choose HTML tag verification, you’ll be given an HTML tag with your unique verification code. Add this HTML tag into your index page somewhere in the <head> section.
<meta name="privian-verification" content="9d1f38e0e3e3b5bec0e4280f68dde503c1dbf971" />

Enabling web analytics

Please refer to the Enable analytics for your domain page.

Enabling email features

Please refer to the Enable email for your domain page.