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Ad-free Search

Privian’s ad-free search is for privacy-aware individuals and businesses. Behind the scenes, it uses Microsoft’s Bing search engine to deliver the best results across the global market in most languages. On top of that, we support multiple integrations that make your search experience more productive.


Instant Answers


When you type a certain type of queries such as calculations, unit conversions, or currency conversions, the result will be shown in the suggestions dropdown and also on the results page.

We currently support the following instant answers:

  • Calculations, unit conversions with MathPad
  • Currencies and crypto
  • Weather forecast

Using !Bangs


To use connected integrations, you need to start your query with a !bang (inspired by DuckDuckGo’s bangs). Bangs are special configurable shortcuts that tell the search engine to use specific integrations.

For example, to search your Dropbox files, type !dropbox report 2021. This query will limit the search for report 2021 only to your connected Dropbox account.

Set as your default search

The easiest way to set as your default search is to install the browser extension. But you can also do it manually.