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Disposable Email

Our disposable email is a virtual inbox that protects your privacy. It allows you to receive emails such as marketing emails and newsletters to a temporary address without exposing your real identity. Temporary inboxes stay available until you delete them.


  • Temporary email address
  • Emails deleted after 7 days
  • Automatically removes tracking pixels
  • Supports email forwarding and webhooks
  • Custom domains

The email inbox does not allow you to send messages. Our email service is currently limited only to receiving emails into our app (we do not support IMAP or other client protocols).

Get Started

  1. To get started using disposable email, click the envelope icon envelope in the top-right corner of the app
  2. On the right-hand side click “Create inbox” and configure your new inbox

Read more about email configuration.

Use Cases


Instead of flooding your real email with newsletters and marketing emails, subscribe to them using a disposable email. Messages stay in the inbox for 7 days, then we automatically delete them.


Want to try a new service or website that requires sign-up? Instead of using your real email, which can potentially lead to spam, use a disposable email for sign-ups and verifications.

Email forwarding

With a custom domain name, you can even create email aliases and set up forwarding to your real email address. We also support webhooks that allow programmatic processing of emails.