Notice: the Google provider does not use any official API provided by Google, it simply scrapes the results page. Because this is an unofficial implementation, it might fail in some cases or when they changes the code.

We recommend using Microsoft Bing Search API - a reliable search API officialy provided by Microsoft.


  • Search (web, images, videos, news)
  • Search filters
  • Suggestions
  • Trending searches


To enable Google provider, add google into your config.json file:

	"providers": {
		"search": [{
			"provider": "google"
		"suggestions": [


Privian can handle CAPTCHAs with Puppeteer. When Google returns 429 status code, it opens the CAPTCHA page and stores the required cookie once the user resolves it. To enable puppeteer, configure your executablePath.

In your Chrome browser, navigate to chrome://version/ and look for “Executable Path”.

	"puppeteer": {
		"executablePath": "/Applications/Google Chrome"