Privian is an alternative front-end to search engines that protects your privacy by blocking trackers and removing ads.

To get started, follow the installation instructions.


Privian is currently in Beta and some parts are still under development (custom API, commands, actions).


  • Blocks cookies, trackers, and telemetry
  • Anonymous searches
  • Ad-free, organic results
  • Multi-lingual, localized results
  • Simple and familiar design, without distractions
  • Instant website previews (StackOveflow, Wikipedia and others)
  • Works with Microsoft Bing Search API (requires Azure subscription)
  • Customizable !bangs
  • Custom APIs with commands and actions (coming soon)

Supported search engines


Privian is a node.js application built with SvelteKit. Privian is server-rendered and works without JavaScript.