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How to enable email for your domain

To use your domain name with our email, you must first enable the “Email” features:

  1. In the list of your domains, click the domain name you want to use;
  2. On the domain’s detail page, click the “Enable email features” button;
  3. Once successfully enabled, you need to configure your DNS records for the domain name.


DNS configuration

Add the following DNS TXT records to your domain name’s configuration:

Host / name Type Priority Value TTL
”@”, ”.”, or blank MX 10 3600
”@”, ”.”, or blank MX 20 3600

Follow the instructions provided by your DNS registrar (where you registered your domain name) to correctly configure the DNS records. Please note, that the changes made to your domain’s configuration need to propagate and this process can take a while.

You can always check the configuration using the “Run diagnostics” button. Our diagnostics can tell you, whether your DNS is configured correctly.

Privian’s email features do NOT include outbound email (sending emails is not supported). Configuring SPF/DMARC/DKIM records is not necessary unless you plan to use additional software or service to send emails.

Once you enable the email features, you’ll be able to create new email inboxes.