Bing Search API

Microsoft Bing Search API is a reliable, enterprise-grade search API that can be used for personal and commercial use. It requires an Azure account but Microsoft also offers a free tier (limited to 1,000 searches a month).

This is the recommended search provider.


  • Search (web, images, videos, news)
  • Search filters
  • Suggestions

Set up

1. Create a new Bing Search resource

Log-in to your Azure portal and:

  1. Navigate to Bing Search v7
  2. Select the pricing tier (F1 tier is free)
  3. Click “Create”

Once the deployment is complete, locate Keys and Endpoint where you’ll find your API keys (Key 1 or Key 2).

2. Configure you API key

Set the env variable PRIVIAN_BING_API_KEY to your API key or alternatively use the config.json file:

	"bing": {
		"apiKey": "{YOUR_API_KEY}"


To enable Bing Search provider, add bingapi into your config.json file:

	"providers": {
		"search": [{
			"provider": "bingapi"
		"suggestions": [