Cookie-less web analytics

A better alternative to Google Analytics.

Flame GDPR compliant
Shield No cookie banner required
Integrations Easy to use and understand
Email forward Fast and lightweight
Email forward Made to scale

Made to scale with you

Our unique and very efficient approach to web analytics makes Privian ideal for high-load websites.
With all our plans including at least 1 million pageviews per website every month,
you don't need to worry about pageviews.

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Easily track custom events, clicks, and form submissions. Discover, where you're losing customers with conversion funnels.


UTM tags are helpful for tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns and links.

No more cookie banners
We don't use cookies or other privacy-invasive technologies and we don't collect any personal data. With Privian, you're not required to ask for cookie consent.
Fully GDPR compliant
Privian is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations by design. We store your data in the region you sign-up into with no cross-border data transfers.
Doesn't slow down your website
Replacing Google Analytics with our lightweight analytics script will make your page load faster and more responsive.
Essential insights
Privian presents you with essential insights into your audience in an easy-to-understand way without unnecessary complexity.
API reporting (coming soon)
Running a server-rendered app or want to track an API? Use our API reporting instead for even more privacy-friendly analytics.
Data export (coming soon)
Export your data in CSV or JSON for processing and analysis.
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