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We believe in the future of the premium internet.

We built Privian for us and people alike - privacy-aware individuals who don't want to be subject to big-tech spying and exploitation. As the internet and society mature into a deeply technological and interconnected world, some ways of doing business are simply no longer acceptable. For many, monetizing online services with advertisement is no longer a viable option, especially when the advertising industry has turned into a global spy agency and treats users as disposable products.

We consider web search one of the primary features of the modern world, it has changed society enormously and it gave instant access to endless information to everyone. We believe that users should receive only results that objectively reflect the quality of the source without any interference from anyone's business goals.

Our solutions are technologically ethical, meaning that we put customers’ rights in the center and the technology revolves around them. In practice, it means that our tools collect only anonymized aggregates of data without any personally identifiable information, don’t use cookies, and don't use browser fingerprinting. We don't serve users with advertisements, we don't sell their data. We treat them just like we would treat us and our friends, as human beings.

Our goal is to build a sustainable company offering premium services and amazing products for an affordable price, that anyone could enjoy. Building a great product isn't easy, especially when we're in a fight with giants, but with your support, we'll surely succeed.

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