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Privian is a premium, ad-free search for privacy-aware individuals and businesses. Without cookies and profiling.

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Ad-free search Cookie-less analytics Disposable email Clipboard
Peace of mind is our main feature
Without cookies and profiling
We don't use cookies or other
privacy-invasive mechanisms and we don't track you or your customers.
GDPR compliant
GDPR compliant
Fully compliant with data privacy regulations by design. We don't sell your data and we don't transfer data across the border.
Green energy
The environment is important to us and we strive to minimize our ecological impact by using green energy.
Hosted in Germanny
Hosted in Germany
Our primary infrastructure is hosted in Germany, where we also store your data. 100% hydro-powered.
Protecting privacy
with ethical alternatives

A search engine that gives you only organic and most relevant results without ads. Fully anonymized and without tracking.

Protect your privacy and your identity with our disposable email. Safely receive newsletters and other mail without clogging your inbox.

A better, cookie-less alternative to Google Analytics. 100% GDPR compliant by design.

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