Giving you a
better search experience.

Privian is an alternative front-end to search engines.
Connect your favorite engine and search without ads and tracking.

New: try our Privian Cloud - ad-free, privacy search as a service.

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 privian/privian
Free & Open-source
No ads
No tracking
High quality results
no ads and tracking.
Results provided by your favorite search engine
Microsoft Bing Enterprise Search
Google Search
Brave Search
Custom APIs
and data sources
Recommended Enterprise

Connect your Microsoft Bing Search API and get a reliable, enterprise-grade search
for you and your company (requires Azure subscription).

Beyond search engines.

Built-in productivity features to make your experience even better.

Quick answers
Instant page previews for StackOverflow, Wikipedia, MDN, and others.
Advanced mathematical calculator and unit convertor.
Exchange rates
Currency exchange rates with historical data.
Pins, notes,and to-dos
A simple way to keep your links, notes, and to-dos.
Anonymous searches

Privian protects your privacy when you search on the internet. Think of it as a Google anonymizer that removes tracking.

Ad-free, organic results

Advertisement is the most privacy-invasive part of the internet. Privian removes all ads them so they won’t follow you around.

Simple and familiar design

Minimal and familiar design focusing on what’s important. Without clutter and distractions.

Multi-lingual, localized results

Privian is multi-lingual and it lets you choose what language or country to search, no matter what your IP's location is.

Customizable !bangs

Fully customizable !bangs allow you to quickly redirect searches to your favorite sites or event custom apps.

Custom APIs and data sources

Securely connect your APIs and databases and make them searchable in minutes. Coming soon.

Peace of mind.

That's the main feature.

Hide your identity

By making requests via a built-in proxy which removes all identifiers such as cookies and headers, Privian ensures that your searches cannot be linked to your online identity.

Tip: we recommend using a VPN to hide your IP address.

Block trackers

Privian blocks 100% of trackers and telemetry scripts making your searches truly private and anonymous.

Remove ads

Automatically removing all advertisements from your searches gives you only the best and truly organic results.

Give it a try. It's free.

Privian is free and open-source.

For individuals and companies
seeking privacy and control.

Interested in implementing Privian in your company?

Contact us for commercial offers and support.

100% Privacy

Protect yourself and your colleagues and employees from corporate spying and advertisements. Privian blocks all trackers and telemetry.

100% Control

Self-hosted Privian meets corporate privacy and security needs with full data control. Compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD.

100% Programmable

Securely plug in your APIs and data sources to make them searchable in minutes. Plus, Privian is an open-source project allowing you to adjust it to your needs.